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October 13, 2022

Kafka Streams is a client library for building applications and microservices, where the input and output data are stored in an Apache Kafka® cluster. It combines the simplicity of writing and deploying standard Java and Scala applications on the client side with the benefits of Kafka's server-side cluster technology.
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Annapurna Singh




Kafka Streams, a client library, we use it to process and analyze data stored in Kafka.

It relied on important streams processing concepts like properly distinguishing between event time and processing time, windowing support, and simple yet efficient management and real-time querying of application state.

In addition, Kafka Streams has a low barrier to entry that means we can quickly write and run a small-scale proof-of-concept on a single machine. For that, we only need to run additional instances of our application on multiple machines to scale up to high-volume production workloads.

Moreover, by leveraging Kafka’s parallelism model, it transparently handles the load balancing of multiple instances of the same application.

Some key points related to Kafka Streams:

  • Kafka Stream can be easily embedded in any Java application and integrated with any existing packaging, deployment and operational tools that users have for their streaming applications because it is a simple and lightweight client library.
  • There are no external dependencies on systems other than Apache Kafka itself as the internal messaging layer.
  • In order to enable very fast and efficient stateful operations (windowed joins and aggregations), it supports the fault-tolerant local state.
  • To guarantee that each record will be processed once and only once even when there is a failure on either Streams clients or Kafka brokers in the middle of processing, it offers exactly-once processing semantics.
  • In order to achieve millisecond processing latency, employs one-record-at-a-time processing. Also, with the late arrival of records, it supports event-time based windowing operations.
  • Along with a high-level Streams DSL and a low-level Processor API, it offers necessary stream processing primitives.
    • Getting Started Unlimited
    • Logs, Brokers, and Topics Unlimited
    • Getting Records into and out of Brokers: Producers and Consumers Unlimited
    • Connectors Unlimited
    • Streaming Engine Unlimited
    • Processing Data: Vanilla Kafka vs. Kafka Streams Unlimited
    • Basic Operations Unlimited
    • Event Streams Unlimited
    • Key-Value Pairs Unlimited
    • Topologies Unlimited
    • Streams Unlimited
    • Stream Operations Unlimited
    • Hands On: Basic Operations Unlimited
    • KTable Unlimited
    • Update Streams Unlimited
    • Defining a KTable Unlimited
    • KTable Operations Unlimited
    • GlobalKTable Unlimited
    • Hands On: KTable Unlimited
    • Serialization Unlimited
    • Kafka Streams Unlimited
    • Custom SerDes Unlimited
    • Pre-Existing SerDes Unlimited
    • Avro, Protobuf, or JSON Schema Unlimited
    • Joins Unlimited
    • Stream-Stream Unlimited
    • Stream-Table Unlimited
    • Table-Table Unlimited
    • A Code Example: Joining Two Streams Unlimited
    • Hands On: Joins Unlimited
    • Stateful Operations Unlimited
    • The Stateful Operations Unlimited
    • Considerations Unlimited
    • Hands On: Aggregations Unlimited
    • Windowing Unlimited
    • Hopping Unlimited
    • Tumbling Unlimited
    • Session Unlimited
    • Sliding Unlimited
    • Grace Periods Unlimited
    • Hands On: Windowing Unlimited
    • Time Concepts Unlimited
    • Event Time Unlimited
    • Log-Append Time Unlimited
    • Timestamps Drive the Action in Kafka Streams Unlimited
    • Stream Time Unlimited
    • Hands On: Time Concepts Unlimited
    • Processor API Unlimited
    • Punctuation Unlimited
    • Building Streams Applications with the Processor API Unlimited
    • Hands On: Processor API Unlimited
    • Testing Unlimited
    • Topology Test Driver Unlimited
    • Test Output Topic Instances Unlimited
    • Testable Applications Unlimited
    • Integration Tests Unlimited
    • Hands On: Testing Unlimited
    • Error Handling Unlimited
    • Kafka Streams Error Categories Unlimited
    • Error Handling – Client Related Unlimited
    • Hands On: Error Handling Unlimited
    • Tasks Unlimited
    • Threads Unlimited
    • Instances Unlimited
    • Consumer Group Protocol Unlimited
    • Stateful Fault Tolerance Unlimited
    • Compaction Unlimited
    • Stateful Fault Tolerance Unlimited
    • Interactive Queries Unlimited
    • Introducing Interactive Queries Unlimited
    • Enabling Interactive Queries Unlimited

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