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October 13, 2022

The Kafka producer is conceptually much simpler than the consumer since it has no need for group coordination. A producer partitioner maps each message to a topic partition, and the producer sends a produce request to the leader of that partition.
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A producer partitioner maps each message to a topic partition, and the producer sends a produce request to the leader of that partition. The partitioners shipped with Kafka guarantee that all messages with the same non-empty key will be sent to the same partition.

The Kafka producer is conceptually much simpler than the consumer since it has no need for group coordination. A producer partitioner maps each message to a topic partition, and the producer sends a produce request to the leader of that partition. The partitioners shipped with Kafka guarantee that all messages with the same non-empty key will be sent to the same partition.

Each partition in the Kafka cluster has a leader and a set of replicas among the brokers. All writes to the partition must go through the partition leader. The replicas are kept in sync by fetching from the leader. When the leader shuts down or fails, the next leader is chosen from among the in-sync replicas. Depending on how the producer is configured, each produce request to the partition leader can be held until the replicas have successfully acknowledged the write. This gives the producer some control over message durability at some cost to overall throughput.

Messages written to the partition leader are not immediately readable by consumers regardless of the producer’s acknowledgement settings. When all in-sync replicas have acknowledged the write, then the message is considered committed, which makes it available for reading. This ensures that messages cannot be lost by a broker failure after they have already been read. Note that this implies that messages which were acknowledged by the leader only (that is, acks=1) can be lost if the partition leader fails before the replicas have copied the message. Nevertheless, this is often a reasonable compromise in practice to ensure durability in most cases while not impacting throughput too significantly.

Most of the subtlety around producers is tied to achieving high throughput with batching/compression and ensuring message delivery guarantees as mentioned above. In the next section, the most common settings to tune producer behavior are discussed.

    • Kafka growth exploding Unlimited
    • Why Kafka is Needed? Unlimited
    • Kafka Use Cases Unlimited
    • Who uses Kafka? Unlimited
    • Why is Kafka Popular? Unlimited
    • Why is Kafka so fast? Unlimited
    • Kafka Streaming Architecture Unlimited
    • Why Kafka Review Unlimited
    • Kafka Fundamentals Unlimited
    • Kafka: Topics, Producers, and Consumers Unlimited
    • Apache Kafka – Core Kafka Unlimited
    • Kafka needs Zookeeper Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer/Consumer Details Unlimited
    • Kafka Topic Partition, Consumers, Producers Unlimited
    • Kafka Scale and Speed Unlimited
    • Kafka Brokers Unlimited
    • Kafka Cluster, Failover, ISRs Unlimited
    • Failover vs. Disaster Recovery Unlimited
    • Kafka Review Unlimited
    • Module 1. Kafka Overview Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Producers Unlimited
    • Kafka Producers and Consumers Unlimited
    • Producer Review Unlimited
    • Module 2. Kafka Producers Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Groups Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Load Share Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Groups Processing Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Failover Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Offsets and Recovery Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Unlimited
    • Consumer to Partition Cardinality Unlimited
    • Multi-threaded Consumers Unlimited
    • Consumer Review Unlimited
    • Module 3. Kafka Consumers Deck Unlimited
    • Run Kafka Unlimited
    • Run ZooKeeper Unlimited
    • Run Kafka Server Unlimited
    • Create Kafka Topic Unlimited
    • Run Kafka Producer Unlimited
    • Run Kafka Consumer Unlimited
    • Running Kafka Producer and Consumer Unlimited
    • Kafka Single Node Review Unlimited
    • Lab Use Kafka Unlimited
    • Module 4. Using Kafka Single Node Deck Unlimited
    • Objectives Unlimited
    • Running many nodes Unlimited
    • Create three new server- n.properties files Unlimited
    • Modify server-x.properties Unlimited
    • Create Startup scripts for three Kafka servers Unlimited
    • Run Servers Unlimited
    • Create Kafka replicated topic my- failsafe-topic Unlimited
    • Start Kafka Consumer And Producer Unlimited
    • Running consumers in same group Unlimited
    • Consumer Failover Unlimited
    • Create Kafka Describe Topic Unlimited
    • Test Broker Failover: Kill 1st server Unlimited
    • Kafka Cluster Review Unlimited
    • Module 5. Kafka Cluster and Failover Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Universe Unlimited
    • What comes in Apache Kafka Core? Unlimited
    • What comes in Kafka Extensions? Unlimited
    • Kafka REST Proxy and Schema Registry Unlimited
    • Kafka Stream : Stream Processing Unlimited
    • Kafka Connectors and streams Unlimited
    • Kafka Ecosystem review Unlimited
    • Module 6. Kafka Ecosystem Deck Unlimited
    • Objectives Create Producer Unlimited
    • Create Replicated Kafka Topic Unlimited
    • Gradle Build script Unlimited
    • Create Kafka Producer to send records Unlimited
    • Common Kafka imports and constants Unlimited
    • Running the Producer Unlimited
    • Send sync records with Kafka Producer Unlimited
    • Async Interface Callback Unlimited
    • Async Send Method Unlimited
    • Checking that replication is working Unlimited
    • Java Kafka Simple Producer recap Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer Review Unlimited
    • Module 7. Intro to Producers Deck Unlimited
    • Objectives Create Producer Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer Send, Acks and Buffers Unlimited
    • Producer Acks Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer config Acks Unlimited
    • Producer Buffer Memory Size Unlimited
    • Batching by Size Unlimited
    • Compressing Batches Unlimited
    • Custom Serializers Unlimited
    • Stock Price Unlimited
    • Broker Follower Write Timeout Unlimited
    • Producer Request Timeout Unlimited
    • Producer Retries Unlimited
    • Retry, Timeout, Back-off Example Unlimited
    • Producer Partitioning Unlimited
    • Producer Interception Unlimited
    • KafkaProducer – Interceptor Config Unlimited
    • Using send method Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer close() Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer partitionsFor() method Unlimited
    • Metrics producer.metrics() Unlimited
    • Metrics via JMX Unlimited
    • Module 8. Advanced Producers Deck Unlimited
    • StockPrice App to demo Advanced Producer Unlimited
    • StockPrice domain object Unlimited
    • StockPrice Kafka Producer Unlimited
    • StockPrice kafka Producer imports, create Producer Unlimited
    • Stock App Constants Unlimited
    • StockPrice Serializer Unlimited
    • Stock Sender Unlimited
    • StockSender constructor Unlimited
    • Stock Sender run() Unlimited
    • StockSender create Random Record Unlimited
    • Run it Unlimited
    • Run scripts Unlimited
    • Run All 3 Brokers Unlimited
    • Module 9. About the App (DEMO) Deck Unlimited
    • Shutdown Producer nicely Unlimited
    • Nice Shutdown producer.close() Unlimited
    • Restart Producer then shut it down Unlimited
    • Module 10. Producer Shutdown Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Design Motivation Goals Unlimited
    • Kafka Design Motivation Scale Unlimited
    • Kafka Design Motivation Use Cases Unlimited
    • Persistence: Embrace file system Unlimited
    • Big fast HDDs and long sequential access Unlimited
    • Kafka Record Retention Redux Unlimited
    • Broker Log Config Kafka Broker Config for Logs Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer Load Balancing Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer Record Batching Unlimited
    • More producer settings for performance Unlimited
    • Kafka Compression Unlimited
    • Pull vs. Push/Streams: Pull Unlimited
    • Pull vs. Push/Streams: Push Unlimited
    • MOM Consumer Message State Unlimited
    • Message Delivery Semantics Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer Acknowledgement Unlimited
    • Producer Durability Levels Unlimited
    • Kafka Replication Unlimited
    • Kafka Broker Failover Unlimited
    • Replicated Log Partitions Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Replication Redux Unlimited
    • Kafka and Quorum Unlimited
    • Kafka Quorum Majority of ISRs Unlimited
    • Producer Durability Acks Unlimited
    • Quotas Unlimited
    • Kafka Low-Level Review Unlimited
    • Module 11. Kafka Low Level Design Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Log Compaction Overview Unlimited
    • Log Compaction Unlimited
    • Log Compaction Structure Unlimited
    • Compaction Tail/Head Unlimited
    • Log Compaction Basics Unlimited
    • Log Compaction Cleaning Unlimited
    • Log Compaction Guarantees Unlimited
    • Log Cleaner Unlimited
    • Topic Config for Log Compaction Unlimited
    • Broker Config for Log Compaction Unlimited
    • Log Compaction Review Unlimited
    • Module 12. Log Compaction Deck Unlimited
    • Confluent Schema Registry Unlimited
    • Why Schema Registry? Unlimited
    • Schema Registry Config Unlimited
    • Schema Registry Actions Unlimited
    • Schema Evolution Unlimited
    • Allowed Schema Modifications Unlimited
    • Let’s say Unlimited
    • Register a Schema Unlimited
    • Working with versions Unlimited
    • Working with Schemas Unlimited
    • Changing Compatibility Checks Unlimited
    • Incompatible Change Unlimited
    • Use Schema Registry Unlimited
    • Schema Registry Unlimited
    • Module 13. Avro and the Schema Registry Deck Unlimited
    • Objectives Create a Consumer Unlimited
    • Create Consumer using Topic to Receive Records Unlimited
    • Common Kafka imports and constants Unlimited
    • Create Consumer using Topic to Receive Records Unlimited
    • Process messages from Kafka with Consumer Unlimited
    • Consumer poll Unlimited
    • Running both Consumer then Producer Unlimited
    • Logging Unlimited
    • Try this Unlimited
    • Pass Unique Group Id Unlimited
    • Modify Consumer Unlimited
    • Now run it again but.. Unlimited
    • Java Kafka Simple Consumer Example Recap Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Review Unlimited
    • Module 14. Bonus: Introduction to Consumer Deck Unlimited

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