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October 17, 2022

ksqlDB is built on Kafka Streams, a robust stream processing framework that is part of Apache Kafka®. You can use ksqlDB and Kafka Streams together in your event streaming applications. ksqlDB gives you a query layer for building event streaming applications on Kafka topics.
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Annapurna Singh




ksqlDB is a new kind of database purpose-built for stream processing apps, allowing users to build stream processing applications against data in Apache Kafka® and enhancing developer productivity.

 It consolidates the many components found in virtually every stream processing architecture.

That is important because almost all streaming architectures today are piecemeal solutions cobbled together from different projects. At a minimum, you need a subsystem to acquire events from existing data sources, another to store them, another to process them, and another to serve queries against aggregated materializations. Integrating each subsystem can be difficult. 

    • ksqlDB’s Architecture Unlimited
    • How Stateless Operations Work Unlimited
    • A Simple Filter Unlimited
    • Combining Filters Unlimited
    • Multiple Queries Reading the Same Data Unlimited
    • How Stateful Operations Work Unlimited
    • Materialized Views Unlimited
    • Push and Pull Queries Unlimited
    • Automatic Repartitioning Unlimited
    • Changelogs Examined Unlimited
    • How Streaming Joins Work Unlimited
    • Stream-Table Joins: Inner Unlimited
    • Stream-Table Joins: Left Outer Unlimited
    • Preloading Table Data Unlimited
    • Table-Table Joins: Inner Unlimited
    • Hands On Unlimited
    • Create the source objects Unlimited
    • Populate the table Unlimited
    • Populate the stream Unlimited
    • Run the stream-table join query Unlimited
    • Persist the enriched events to a new stream Unlimited
    • Delete Your Cluster and ksqlDB Application Unlimited
    • Scaling and Fault Tolerance Unlimited
    • Stateless Scaling Unlimited
    • Stateful Scaling Unlimited
    • High Availability Unlimited

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