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September 15, 2022

Apache Kafka is a community distributed event streaming platform capable of handling trillions of events a day. Initially conceived as a messaging queue, Kafka is based on an abstraction of a distributed commit log. Since being created and open sourced by LinkedIn in 2011, Kafka has quickly evolved from messaging queue to a full-fledged event streaming platform.

Founded by the original developers of Apache Kafka, Confluent delivers the most complete distribution of Kafka with Confluent Platform. Confluent Platform improves Kafka with additional community and commercial features designed to enhance the streaming experience of both operators and developers in production, at massive scale.
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Annapurna Singh




This course will explore the basic concepts of messaging systems, introduction to point to point messaging, publish - subscribe messaging, principles of Apache Kafka Server installation, operations and then it will walk you through the deployment of Kafka cluster in single node and multi node mode. Finally, we will conclude with producer application and consumer application and later I add real-time applications and integration with Big Data Technologies.

The target audience would be the people who are willing to know about Apache Kafka, Zookeeper, Queues, Topics, Client - Server communication, Messaging system (Point to Point & Pub - Sub), Single node server, Multi node servers or Kafka cluster, command line producer and consumer, Producer application using Java API's and Consumer application using Java API's.

We made this course such a way that everyone can understand easily, we added the basic concepts in the beginning lectures , then added advanced topics and finally taught how to use the Kafka server in real time with an example.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone can learn it as this course starts from scratch
  • This course is developed for all the Developers and Administrators who want to learn about Kafka servers.
  • Who want to learn more about client - server communication
  • Students who wants to do a job in middleware
    • Why Kafka is Needed? Unlimited
    • Kafka Use Cases Unlimited
    • Who uses Kafka? Unlimited
    • Kafka Streaming Architecture Unlimited
    • Why Kafka Review Unlimited
    • Module :1 Kafka Overview Deck Unlimited
    • What is Kafka? Unlimited
    • Kafka messaging allows Unlimited
    • Kafka Decoupling Data Streams Unlimited
    • Kafka Usage Unlimited
    • Kafka Record Retention Unlimited
    • Kafka scalable message storage Unlimited
    • Module :2 What is Kafka deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Fundamentals Unlimited
    • Apache Kafka – Core Kafka Unlimited
    • Kafka needs Zookeeper Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer/Consumer Details Unlimited
    • Kafka Scale and Speed Unlimited
    • Kafka Cluster, Failover, ISRs Unlimited
    • ZooKeeper does coordination for Kafka Cluster Unlimited
    • Failover vs. Disaster Recovery Unlimited
    • Module 3: Kafka Architecture Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka vs JMS, SQS, RabbitMQ Messaging Unlimited
    • Kafka vs MOM Unlimited
    • Kafka vs. Kinesis Unlimited
    • Module 4: Kafka Versus Deck Unlimited
    • Topics, Logs, Partitions Unlimited
    • Topic Parallelism and Consumers Unlimited
    • Kafka Topic Partitions Layout Unlimited
    • Replication: Kafka Partition Distribution and Leader Unlimited
    • Kafka Replication to Partition 0 and 1 Unlimited
    • Module 5: Kafka Topics Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Producers and Consumers Unlimited
    • Kafka Producers Unlimited
    • Producer Review Unlimited
    • Module 6: Kafka Producers Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Groups Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Load Share Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Groups Processing Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Failover Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Offsets and Recovery Unlimited
    • Consumer to Partition Cardinality Unlimited
    • Multi-threaded Consumers Unlimited
    • Module 7: Kafka Consumers Deck Unlimited
    • Run Kafka Unlimited
    • Run ZooKeeper Unlimited
    • Run Kafka Server Unlimited
    • Create Kafka Topic Unlimited
    • Run Kafka Producer and consumer Unlimited
    • Kafka Single Node Review Unlimited
    • Module 8: Using Kafka Single Node Deck Unlimited
    • Running many nodes Unlimited
    • Create three new server-n.properties files Unlimited
    • Modify server-x.properties Unlimited
    • Create Startup scripts for three Kafka servers Unlimited
    • Start Kafka Consumer and producer Unlimited
    • Running consumers in same group Unlimited
    • Consumer Failover Unlimited
    • Create Kafka Describe Topic Unlimited
    • Test Broker Failover Unlimited
    • Objectives Unlimited
    • Module 9: Kafka Cluster and Failover Deck Unlimited
    • What comes in Apache Kafka Core? Unlimited
    • Kafka Universe Unlimited
    • Kafka REST Proxy and Schema Registry Unlimited
    • Kafka Stream : Stream Processing Unlimited
    • Kafka Connectors and Streams Unlimited
    • Module 10: Kafka Ecosystem Deck Unlimited
    • Objectives Create Producer Unlimited
    • Gradle Build script Unlimited
    • Common Kafka imports and constants Unlimited
    • Send sync records with Kafka Producer Unlimited
    • Running the Producer Unlimited
    • Async Send Method Unlimited
    • Java Kafka Simple Producer recap Unlimited
    • Module 11: Intro to Producers Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer Send, Acks and Buffers Unlimited
    • Buffering and batching Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer config Acks Unlimited
    • Producer Buffer Memory Size Unlimited
    • Batching by Size Unlimited
    • Compressing Batches Unlimited
    • Custom Serializers Unlimited
    • Using send method Unlimited
    • Kafka Producer flush() method Unlimited
    • Metrics via JMX Unlimited
    • Objectives Create Producer Unlimited
    • Module 12: Advanced Producers Deck Unlimited
    • StockPrice App to demo Advanced Producer Unlimited
    • Stock Price Kafka Producer imports,create Producer Unlimited
    • Stock App Constants Unlimited
    • Stock Price Serializer Unlimited
    • Stock Sender imports,Runnable Unlimited
    • Run scripts Unlimited
    • Module 13: About the App Deck Unlimited
    • Shutdown Producer nicely Unlimited
    • Restart Producer then shut it down Unlimited
    • Module 14: Producer Shutdown Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Design Motivation Scale Unlimited
    • Use Cases Unlimited
    • Persistence: Embrace filesystem Unlimited
    • Broker Log Config Unlimited
    • Kafka Compression Config Unlimited
    • Pull vs. Push/Streams:Pull Unlimited
    • MOM Consumer Message State Unlimited
    • Kafka Broker Failover Unlimited
    • Kafka and Quorum Unlimited
    • All nodes die at same time. Now what? Unlimited
    • Module 15: Kafka Low Level Design Deck Unlimited
    • Log Compaction Structure Unlimited
    • Compaction Tail/Head Unlimited
    • Log Cleaner Unlimited
    • Topic Config for Log Compaction Unlimited
    • Log Compaction Review Unlimited
    • Module 16: Log Compaction Deck Unlimited
    • Common Kafka imports and constants Unlimited
    • Process messages from Kafka with Consumer Unlimited
    • Running both Consumer and Producer Unlimited
    • Logging Unlimited
    • Pass Unique Group Id Unlimited
    • Modify Consumer Unlimited
    • Java Kafka Simple Consumer Example Recap Unlimited
    • Try this: Consumers in Same Group Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer Review Unlimited
    • Module 17: Introduction to Consumers Deck Unlimited
    • Java Consumer Examples Overview Unlimited
    • StockPrice App to demo Advanced Producer Unlimited
    • Simple Stock Price Consumer.run Consumer Unlimited
    • Stock Deserializer Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer: Partition Reassignment Unlimited
    • Message Delivery Semantics Unlimited
    • Move Offsets past saved Records Unlimited
    • One Consumer Per Thread Runnable Unlimited
    • Controlling Consumers Position Unlimited
    • Worker Unlimited
    • Module 18: Advanced Consumers Deck Unlimited
    • Avro for Big Data and Data Streaming Architectures Unlimited
    • Avro Schema Unlimited
    • Confluent Schema Registry Unlimited
    • Schema Registry Config Unlimited
    • Schema Evolution Unlimited
    • Schema Registry Actions Unlimited
    • Working with Schemas Unlimited
    • Incompatible Change Unlimited
    • Use Kafka Avro Deserializer from Consumer Unlimited
    • Schema Registry Unlimited
    • Module 19: Avro and the Schema Registry Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka Security Unlimited
    • Authentication Unlimited
    • Encryption and Authorization Unlimited
    • Module 20: Security (Optional) Deck Unlimited
    • SSL/TLS Overhead Unlimited
    • Encrypting client transports Unlimited
    • Certificate Authority Unlimited
    • Configure servers (Kafka Broker) Unlimited
    • Setup Kafka Consumer for SSL Unlimited
    • Setup Kafka Producer for SSL Unlimited
    • Avoid Man in the middle attacks Unlimited
    • Module 21: SSL (Optional) Deck Unlimited
    • Kafka SASL Authentication – Brokers Unlimited
    • SASL Broker config Unlimited
    • SASL Kerberos Unlimited
    • Kafka support multiple SASL Providers Unlimited
    • Adding ACLs to users Unlimited
    • Module 22: SASL (Optional) Deck Unlimited
    • Steps to add Plain SASL via JAAS Unlimited
    • Create JAAS config for ZooKeeper Unlimited
    • Create JAAS config for Kafka Brokers Unlimited
    • Create JAAS config for Consumer Unlimited
    • Modify Producer create Producer() Unlimited
    • Module 23: SASL Plain (Optional) Deck Unlimited
    • Create SCRAM Users Unlimited
    • Kafka Consumer/Producer JAAS Scram Config Unlimited
    • Configure SCRAM in Producer Unlimited
    • Kafka and SASL SCRAM Unlimited
    • Module 24: SASL Scram (Optional) Deck Unlimited
    • Mirror Maker Unlimited
    • Disaster Recovery Unlimited
    • Scale Reads / Scale Consumers Unlimited
    • Mirror Maker Command Line Unlimited
    • Mirror Maker Review Unlimited
    • Module 25: Mirror Maker (Optional) Deck Unlimited
    • Lab Objectives Unlimited
    • Example Details Java Unlimited
    • Scripts Unlimited
    • Cluster Ports Unlimited
    • Example MirrorMaker Cluster Producer Consumer Unlimited
    • Start Cluster Scripts Unlimited
    • Server and MirrorMaker Config Unlimited
    • Diagram to Script/Config Unlimited
    • Create Topic Unlimited
    • 1st Cluster Config Unlimited
    • Mirror Maker Consumer Config Unlimited
    • Mirror Maker Start Scripts Unlimited
    • Run Java Consumer(s) and Producer Unlimited
    • Describe Topic per Cluster Unlimited
    • Output, Stocks should have same value Unlimited
    • Module: Lab Running Mirror Maker Deck Unlimited

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