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October 2, 2021

This course teaches you how to think... about data. Learn to have a "Data" mindset to make "intelligence-based" decisions.
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Ernesto Lee
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The most important decisions made in any business are made by what some leader somewhere knows.  What they "know" is a direct reflection of how they think.  Learn to be a leader by thinking like a leader.  How you think is more important than what you think.  This course empowers you to make quality "intelligence-based" decisions based on data.  Data literacy is not a "thing" - it is a reflection of how your brain is wired to think.  Data literacy forces you to ask the right questions, probe for knowledge, and identify insights and patterns in data that let you obtain knowledge and wisdom.  This course teaches you how to identify what is objectively true in any set of data.

  • Data Perspective Unlimited
  • The ZERO principle of Data Unlimited
  • Madison’s House Unlimited
  • Measure by Skill – Not Test Unlimited
  • Discover New Knowledge Unlimited
  • Identify Patterns in Data Unlimited
  • Blind Spots Unlimited
  • Trust the Data Unlimited
  • Data is Messy Unlimited
  • Intelligence Driven Decisions Unlimited
  • Be a Skeptic Unlimited
  • Bias Unlimited
  • Data Centric Perspectives Unlimited
  • Confirmation Bias Unlimited
  • Social Bias Unlimited
  • Assumptions Unlimited
  • How to Defeat Bias Unlimited
  • Repetition Bias Unlimited
  • Measurements Unlimited
  • Effectiveness Unlimited
  • Conclusion Unlimited


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  1. bestel@mail.broward.eduJanuary 11, 2022 at 7:26 am

    Loved This Course!


    Enjoyed very much, kept me engaged and watching all 21 topics in one sitting. Provided the usual “real world” connection and personal touch as you do in all your lectures.

  2. PALOMINO.RAMON@GMAIL.COMDecember 3, 2021 at 9:00 pm



    This course presented the data analytic approach with real life scenarios and a lot of a great delivery of some difficult concepts. I really learned a lot here.

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