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February 9, 2023

This course is designed to help you gain deeper insights into Git's architecture and its underlying concepts, behavior, and best practices.
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Ayesha Tahir




Git is one of the most popular types of Source Code Management and Distributed Version Control System. Despite the powerful and versatile nature of the tool enveloping strong support for nonlinear development and the ability to handle large projects efficiently, it is a complex tool and often regarded as “user-unfriendly”. Getting to know the ideas and concepts behind the architecture of Git will help you make full use of its power and understand its behavior. 

This course also helps augment your understanding to examine and explore your project's history, create and manage your contributions, set up repositories and branches for collaboration in centralized and distributed workflows, integrate work coming from other developers, customize and extend Git, and recover from repository errors. By exploring advanced Git practices, and getting to know details of Git workings, you will attain a deeper understanding of Git's behavior, allowing you to customize and extend existing recipes, and write your own.

    • An introduction to version control and Git Unlimited
    • Git by example Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 1: Git by example Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Directed Acyclic Graphs Unlimited
    • Single revision selection Unlimited
    • Selecting the revision range Unlimited
    • Searching history Unlimited
    • History of a file Unlimited
    • Finding bugs with git bisect Unlimited
    • Selecting and formatting the git log output Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 2: Exploring Project History Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Creating a new commit Unlimited
    • Working with branches Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 3: Developing with Git Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Ignoring files Unlimited
    • File attributes Unlimited
    • Fixing mistakes with the reset command Unlimited
    • Stashing away your changes Unlimited
    • Managing worktrees and the staging area Unlimited
    • Multiple working directories Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 4: Managing Your Worktree Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Collaborative workflows Unlimited
    • Managing remote repositories Unlimited
    • Transport protocols Unlimited
    • Publishing your changes upstream Unlimited
    • Chain of trust Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 5: Collaborative Development with Git Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Types and purposes of branches Unlimited
    • Branching workflows and release engineering Unlimited
    • Interacting with branches in remote repositories Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 6: Advanced Branching Techniques Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Methods of combining changes Unlimited
    • Resolving merge conflicts Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 7: Merging Changes Together Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • An introduction to Git internals Unlimited
    • Rewriting history Unlimited
    • Amending history without rewriting Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 8: Keeping History Clean Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Managing library and framework dependencies Unlimited
    • Managing large Git repositories Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 9: Managing Subprojects – Building a Living Framework Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Git on the command line Unlimited
    • Graphical interfaces Unlimited
    • Configuring Git Unlimited
    • Automating Git with hooks Unlimited
    • Extending Git Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 10: Customizing and Extending Git Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Repository maintenance Unlimited
    • Data recovery and troubleshooting Unlimited
    • Git on the server Unlimited
    • Augmenting development workflows Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 11: Git Administration Deck Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Starting a project Unlimited
    • Working on a project Unlimited
    • Integrating changes Unlimited
    • Other recommendations Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited
    • Module 12: Git Best Practices Deck Unlimited

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