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February 9, 2023

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment streamline the process of combining work from separate teams into a cohesive product. CI/CD provides a single repository for storing work and consistently automates integration and continuous testing.
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Annapurna Singh




A CI/CD pipeline is a series of steps that streamline the software delivery process.  CI/CD improves app development using monitoring and automation. This is particularly useful when it comes to integration and continuous testing, which are typically difficult to perform, time-consuming, and require the creation of stubs and drivers. Automated pipelines can help prevent errors that result from manual processes, allow for rapid product iterations, and provide consistent feedback during the development process. 

Not all CI and CD pipelines are built equal. Their aim is to generate accurate, reliable products quickly, with comprehensive feedback across the development cycle — so accuracy, reliability, and speed are at the heart of an effective pipeline. 

1. Speed: Continuous integration must be fast with instant feedback, or flow is disrupted and productivity tanks.

2. Accuracy: Automating the deployment process requires pinpoint accuracy to avoid human interference.

3. Reliability: The pipeline must be reliable, with watertight testing code and stable output.

    • Purpose and overview of Git Unlimited
    • Use cases for Git Unlimited
    • Git flow Unlimited
    • Quick look at GitLab Unlimited
    • Other Git providers Unlimited
    • Git configuration Unlimited
    • Finding help on Git Unlimited
    • Creating Local Git Repositories Unlimited
    • Basic Commands: add, commit, status, log Unlimited
    • Comparing commits: git diff Unlimited
    • Using SSH keys with GitLab private repositories Unlimited
    • Using a Repository: git push Unlimited
    • Branches: creating, merging and deleting Unlimited
    • Managing Pull Requests Unlimited
    • CI/CD = Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Unlimited
    • Use case, purpose & history Unlimited
    • GitLab CI architecture Unlimited
    • Accessing GitLab CI Cloud Unlimited
    • Organizations: Groups and Subgroups Unlimited
    • Understanding gitlab-ci.yml Unlimited
    • CI/CD as Code: Pipeline projects Unlimited
    • Working with variables Unlimited
    • Accessing artifacts Unlimited
    • Managing credentials and secrets Unlimited
    • Runners and Executors Shared runners, Group runners, Specific runners Unlimited
    • Distributing workloads across GitLab Runners Unlimited
    • Using tags for task distribution Unlimited
    • Trigger types Unlimited
    • Conditionals on_success, on_failure, always, manual, delayed Unlimited
    • Notifications: Instant messaging integration Unlimited
    • Requiring human input and approval Unlimited
    • Automated code linting and testing Unlimited
    • Continuous deployment through GitLab CI Unlimited
    • Purpose and Use cases Unlimited
    • Architecture and call flow Unlimited
    • Installing and configuring Ansible Unlimited
    • Modules & tasks Unlimited
    • Deploying with Ansible playbooks Unlimited
    • Roles and variables Unlimited
    • Linting and Testing Unlimited

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